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During 2017, Gillian and Kevin Crossley-Holland collaborated to produce this book of Gillian's paintings and Kevin's poems.

This delightful and atmospheric book is set around the North Norfolk Coast and the paintings and poems evoke the winds from the North East blowing into the low, marshy and muddy coastline.

Veering North-Easterly was published by Green Dragon Press (Diss) in 2017 and was given its first airing at a private view on the first evening of the 2017 Tideliners Exhibition.

A second book Due East is in preparation covering the East coast of Norfolk and down through Suffolk. It will be published this Autumn.

Veering North-Easterly is £10.00 it can be purchased on-line with £2.50 packing and postage for UK. For overseas postage, please contact Gillian.

Veering North-Easterly

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